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Out of the groups that are presenting on Tuesday, I believe the group that researched Facebook did the best and most thorough job. First of all I feel that the group did a very good job providing the history of how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and I also thought it was interesting to see how the company’s ownership was split between the various stock holders.

I also found the youtube video that the group posted on Facebook privacy concerns to be very informative and I like that even though it might not represent their company in the best light.

Another reason I found the Facebook wiki the most interesting was because among various statistics and dates, they also chose to include miscellaneous facts such as the fact that Collins English Dictionary declared their word of the year as Facebook. I also thought the Facebook Wiki group did a very thorough job because they included the background and important facts about their competitors Twitter and Myspace.

The idea of video chatting along with the Facebook chat instant messaging is brilliant and an idea that Facebook should seriously consider. No other social network offers the capability of friends to video chat with other friends while viewing each other’s social profile pages. Also the idea of having each page confirmed like Twitter has for their user’s pages is also a very good idea and might solve the privacy and authenticity problems that Facebook now faces. At the moment, I think it might be difficult to convince Facebook not to sell their user’s profile information to advertisers because of the immense revenue they are earning from it. However, like the Facebook group said in their Wiki post, I think if there is more opposition made by the public Facebook might consider protecting their user’s privacy.


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