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After reading through all the groups wiki posts I feel that there are many groups that have written strong arguments about there companies/products and many of them give convincing examples of why their wiki is the best.  I learned a lot about the different products/companies that I come in contact with every day.  Though all the groups did make good arguments on their wiki pages, the group that I feel did the best job at highlighting their company/product was the group that covered craigslist.

As with most people, I was familiar with craigslist and had browsed the website before reading the wiki post.  But, there was new information of the wiki that I didn’t know about the company.  I think that the set up and service that craigslist is offering is unique and beneficial.  The arguments the group posted were very convincing. One of the best arguments on this wiki page is that this is a website that offers a function unlike any other website.  Though it has a similar function to ebay and Amazon it keeps the sale between the customer and buyer.  How craiglist set up their products also is very unique and helpful to consumers.  Since the website posts the products according to location so consumers do not have to worry about high shipping prices.

Another reason this craigslist wiki impressed me was how they described new markets this website could tap into.  They stated clear examples of how the website could use existing business models of dating websites to create a similar function on craigslist.  This is something that could be done easily through the existing craigslist website because of how the products are broken into categories based on location.  The wiki also addressed the problems that criagslist has today.  Because the site is not filtered there can be posts that are not legitimate and there is not way of knowing the person you are doing business with.  By bringing up the issues of craigslist and talking about ways to avoid these problems it shows that this group has thought fully through all the different components of this company.


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