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Blog 5- Android

Blog 5- Wikis

                Each wiki presents valid reasons that their product is the best and each has done extensive research on the company, its history, the products functions and models, and gives good advice on the company’s suggested further operations.

Android was the first wiki that I read and I was impressed by the large amount of research that went into it, providing many sources.  Besides all the information that the wiki was suggested to include, the writers went further and included pictures, videos, and graphs.  Blackberry also did a very good job of presenting their argument, also with eye-catching graphs and pictures.  Their recommendations for making the product better were quite good, though BlackBerrys already have automatic updates right to the phone- no computer needed.  I have a Blackberry and I love it so I am inclined to think that this wiki wins over Android and iPhone.  The iPhone wiki is also extremely informative, and is formatted in a helpful manner.  The suggestions for AT&T were good; one of the problems with the iPhone from the beginning has been the inability for other phone companies to use the Apple technology.  The concept of having the iPhone include a slide out keyboard is extremely interesting, and would make things easier on the consumer.  The touchscreen is great for the extensive number of apps provided, but not good for typing.

The Craigslist wiki was quite interesting and used many sources to provide the vast amount of information.  Having never used Craigslist before, it was interesting to hear others perspectives on the site.  The ideas for improvement were interesting, though it seems that the company should not work on expanding, but rather work on perfecting the system by preventing ripoffs and danger in meetups (examples include various “Craigslist killers”).  The Facebook wiki was very informative and helpful, and especially timely because of the recent DVD release of The Social Network, a movie detailing Mark Zuckerberg’s creation of the site.  The suggestions for Facebook were valid critiques, though it is nearly impossible to regulate users creating accounts (you could create fake Twitter accounts as well, you just need to create a dummy email).  Facebook has recently been improving its privacy settings, allowing users to show no information other than their names to outsiders, which is very good for protection.  One thing that Facebook definitely needs to change is the fact that in its rules and regulations, it states that any photo uploaded to Facebook becomes copyrighted by Facebook.  This is wrong- copyright belongs with the owner of the photo, the person who uploaded it, not some third party.  Flickr, for example, allows its users to upload photos and the users keep copyright.  The change of copyright is hidden in the rules of Facebook, so many people are not aware of this blatant flaw.  Lastly, the Myspace wiki was also quite interesting.  Again, having never used Myspace, reading about it was quite informative.  Myspace is a social network site like Facebook, but it has many more features.  Interestingly enough, these features do nothing to keep users as people keep leaving Myspace.  Myspace should continue the different layouts available and many other users as people will probably be willing to return when recognizing Facebook does not offer these.

Due to the extensive amount of information provided on the Android and good suggestions, I think the Android will be an extremely interesting presentation.

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