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Regulation #4

In light of the terrorist attacks on the WTC and Pentagon on 9/11/01, I believe that the U.S government should have more power to exercise restraint and block publication of material that it feels may have a negative impact on Americans or hurt national security. Many believe that the government has too much power and exercise to many restraints such as increased security for travel “TSA Laws”. I believe that this act is in the country’s best interest to keep us safe. Now many others feel that certain aspects of it are unnecessary and inconvenient for travelers. But before the attacks we weren’t as thorough in the security process and look what happened. Which leads me to my next point you can’t please everyone.

My personal opinion seems to be somewhere in the middle because I feel as an American my government should be open and tell us private information if it could impact me or if were in danger. Now I also understand the other side that if they leak private or secret information to the public then were not they only people that know but so do other countries which could lead to bigger risk’s. How do we determine what the government should keep public and what they keep private?

The government know matter what they do is going to be criticized because you can’t please everyone, but in many circumstance’s they are looking out for the country’s best interest. Now I do understand that there is a balance that they need to maintain and what I mean by this is what they should tell us and what they keep secret. This is a very difficult line to draw. As Americans we feel that our government should be open and honest and we as Americans we have the right to know if there is a threat or if we are in danger. But as a government official how do you determine what information is appropriate to share with the public and what’s not?

When the government prevents or block’s certain shows, broadcasting, or other forms of media distribution they are doing it to protect us. Government regulation can really be a two way street and could have many possible debatable arguments. I do know that the government in many cases has the country’s best interest in mind, and that they do want to protect us and keep us safe. So I feel that they should have as much power as the feel necessary to keep us safe.


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  1. tessdoez
    January 26, 2011 at 3:38 am

    It’s good that you see both sides of the matter, but in order to get credit for this post you will have to use solid evidence of one kind or another to back your argument. Your statements are very theoretical and don’t express a clear viewpoint. The textbook gives a very orderly and useful description of the history of media regulation and the current laws. Please base your argument in the legislative reality and describe what changes you would make, if any. Additionally, your grammar, spelling, agreement and sentence structure needs serious attention before you repost. (an apostrophe is not needed when pluralizing words, “know matter what” doesn’t make sense, and you need to choose whether to call the government a they or an it, especially within one sentence). If you need help with editing and writing issues feel free to make an appointment with Lynn or me.

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