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Media regulation

I believe that it would be very difficult for the US government to exercise prior restraint of the media because there is no fine line between what is considered a national security interest and what is not.  The government could step too far in protecting some type of innocent media because they will be able to define a national security interest themselves.  If they pass a law that enforces more media protection, many websites and blog posts could be blocked due to the massive amount of paranoia that arose from 911.  If we ever encounter another terrorist instance soon, the government will become even more strict on blocking media and it may eventually be so regulated that many innocent posts and sites will be blocked without consideration.

It is a bad idea to protect certain information because it takes away more freedom and goes against Amendment #1.  I believe people should be able to know everything about this country and media filtering doesn’t go along with this principle.  If this media was not protected from us and distributed to the public by wikileaks, many people will become scarred by the gruesome videos of the US killing Iraq civilians.  This creates some negative energy in the American’s mind and view of themselves.  Patriotism could be fractured in some of these disturbing videos.  It is very disrupting, but Americans should have access to anything because it is a cruel world out there.  Many people go through their life not living in reality and realizing this about our world.  The proposal to protect more media might just be masking a continuing suppression.


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