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The show Entourage is the story of one movie star (Vince), his older brother, and 2 best friends who move out to Los Angeles to launch his movie career.  The subtext of the show is that no matter how many curveballs life throws you and how heavily the deck is stacked against you, if you try hard enough and want it bad enough you can succeed.  The characters each undergo their own struggles and challenges throughout each episode, but eventually, through success or failure, they come out of each situation better than they were before.  The show sudbtly conveys that only those who push and fight and claw tooth and nail can really make it in Hollywood, and if you are we or you even think about giving up, you don’t have a chance.


The show is heavily advertised in print media in men’s magazines, and TV commercials during other shows on the HBO channel. The actors in the show also appear in commercials that allow them to utilize product placement.


The soundtrack for entourage is very current and updated within popular culture.  Some of the newest up-n-coming artists have been featured on the show as well as some of the best artists in the game.  The genres range from hip-hop to rap to R&B to sometimes eve­n pop.   Most of the songs are used during transitional scenes of to emphasize a specific moment in conversation and therefore are often in instrumental form.  There is no narrator for the show, its intentional is to portray current real life Hollywood, and thus many celebrities appear on the show in cameos.


The show is considered a comedy-drama with the viewer as a constant third-person point of view.  The audience expects amusing scenes with witty, intelligent conversation and dramatic events.  Sex, drugs, partying, and “boys-will-be-boys” themes are prevalent throughout the show.  The boys are always the focus; both girls and money are portrayed as just accessories that are always available, with the men always in control.  The audience is drawn in by the hope that Vince will eventually become a superstar and the rest of his “entourage” will find fame and success as well.


Entourage utilizes the online environment by advertising on men’s websites and allowing viewers to watch full episodes online after they originally air on Sunday night.  The website also features biographies on the cast and crew, additional footage and behind the scenes moments, director and actor commentaries, and photos of each of the characters.


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  1. tessdoez
    January 21, 2011 at 6:26 am

    Although you changed the first paragraph you may have added more spelling and grammatical errors than you took out. Please do a good proofread and repost. Also, the paragraph where you discuss the “boys will be boys” concept is where you are getting towards a subtext. What subtext do you think comes out of the show depicting women and money as objects? What statement is this making about society? If you don’t understand quite why I am asking you to reword this more clearly you can go back to the section in the textbook on subtext. It’s important to get the concepts straight in these assignments so that you can ace the exam!

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