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Regulation of Media (Blog 4)

Regulation of media in recent years has been a growing debate in the US. The power of the US government to restrict media is a complicated topic because it brings two principles that are valued highly, security and privacy. Like many Americans my opinion is somewhere in the middle. I respect national security and the right of the government to protect its citizens. But I also respect the citizen right to be informed by media. For this reason, I believe that the US government should have the ability to block publication that can hurt national security, but also do this with cautious and awareness of media rights.

One recent example of has been with the recent Wikileaks scandals. Although I think the purpose of Wikileaks is fine. I believe some type of regulation should be placed over it to avoid bias. For example, the video title “Collateral Murder” featured several biases starting with the title and being edited. The original 40 minute video was shortened to four minutes changing the original content of the video. I believe that in order for Wikileaks to be a constitutional practice the information must be given in a neutral manner, despite the ideas of the owners such as Julian Assange. If Wikileaks was truly uncensored, unaltered, and untraceable I believe that this site could be a great source for Americans to get information. But I feel this is impossible without some type of government interaction. Overall I believe Wikileaks has led the American public to be more aware of the legitimacy of the source of their news. I believe a site like Wikileaks could a great source for news with the regulation of the US government. Pure news with the thought to preserve national security is the type of regulation we should. Although that is easier said than done I do believe it could and should happen.

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  1. tessdoez
    January 25, 2011 at 6:30 am

    Please establish a context for your argument based on the current regulation, court cases etc. that are discussed in the book, and explain how your proposed method of regulation is similar or dissimilar to the current reality of media regulation. Your post has many distracting grammatical and agreement errors, sentence fragments, and gaps in the logical progression of your argument. Please do a major revision with these things in mind and repost. The writing center is a great resource that all DU students should use at least once, but you are also welcome to make an appointment with me or Lynn for writing help.

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