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Tosh.O re-post

I think Tosh.O is a hilarious show and that Daniel Tosh is a complete jerk in all the right ways. The show airs on comedy central once a week but reruns are shown all the time and he is becoming a very popular person. There is not much music in the program, except for the video clips that feature music. The show borrows from the online community immensely, considering it is a show that pulls funny videos off the internet to display to the world how stupid some people are.

The show is crude and slapstick and I would say reaches out a younger/male audience. I remember showing it to my mom and she hated it and thought Daniel Tosh was a complete asshole…and he is. That is part of his act. He reminds you of that one friend that always pushes it too far. Most comedians don’t talk badly about others without bashing on themselves, but Daniel doesn’t do that. He talks badly of everyone else and remains pretentious and condescending. That is definitely a message that the show displays and is one reason it is becoming popular…because he is new and original. Another message might be to not take life so seriously and laugh things off. This involves not taking people too seriously, including Daniel himself. He makes fun of a lot of things, even if he doesn’t agree with what he saying. It is all for the laughs. I don’t think Daniel Tosh has a specific subtext he is trying to accomplish. He really is just making people laugh and his political views are really unclear; which is how he probably wants it to be.

This show probably has many effects on viewers. I know most all of my friends and I love him. I also know some, but few, that don’t. The viewer has to watch the show in a non serious mood. They also need to let go of some of the beliefs they have if they want to get a good laugh. The show is becoming very popular. He is in the third season now and even has a brand new, fancy set. His set for the past two seasons were just a big green screen behind him in a dark room. Now he has wood floors and big wall with Tosh.O on it. Obviously if comedy central is giving him a personalized, fancy set, the show is getting good business. This is my view, and I’m sure everyone will react differently and create different subtexts for what they think this show portrays.

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  1. tessdoez
    January 15, 2011 at 1:35 am

    This is a good start. You have pointed out the fact that the show appeals to a limited audience and elicits very negative reactions from others. The idea that you have to “let go of some of your beliefs” to watch it is also of particular interest. Can you synthesize these characteristics of the show to articulate a specific subtext or two? You say the show implies that we should not take life too seriously. Most comedy, especially standup, has this general subtext. You say Tosh.O is different, though. What is it, specifically, that his character is telling us not to take too seriously? What aspects about the show that insult a lot of people also work to create a subtext beyond not taking life seriously?

    • philhedrick
      January 17, 2011 at 8:08 pm

      I re-posted my Tosh.O blog but I was wondering if you got to my media journal blog yet because there are no comments on it. thanks, Phil Hedrick

  2. tessdoez
    January 17, 2011 at 4:53 am

    Your post also contains a few small grammar mistakes. Please repost for credit, correcting technical errors and developing your analysis of subtext as prompted above.

  3. tessdoez
    January 20, 2011 at 6:12 am

    Yes, I did see this, thanks for reposting. You have received credit for the blog. I will not be commenting on any of the media diary entries (Lynn did a few), but you did receive credit for that entry as well (you can always check this on blackboard, but blog #4 is not yet graded).

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