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Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter analysis at the Miami PD. He is also a serial killer who kills only other killers. He does this by a code of ethics that his foster father has instilled onto him to make him a killing machine. The subtext of this show revolves around what is right and wrong in society. Is it wrong to kill others who have done wrong? It also questions the effectiveness of the police department and the judicial system by consistently letting killers walk free and having the police department fail at catching them. Mostly the subtext revolves around having viewers question their authority figures and to possibly take things into their own hands.

This television show has been featured in the New York Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun-times and People weekly. The reruns began in 2008 on CBS, which totaled the audience to 2.6 million viewers. This show has been nominated for multiple awards such as the Golden Globe. The music is fairly neutral consisting of harmonics with many sting instruments to create tension and darkness surrounding Dexter’s actions. When the cityscape of Miami is shown there is usually rich Latino music playing to give a sense of the culture and the difference between Miami and Dexter’s own life.  The genre is a drama or a dark drama. On some websites it is even seen as a psychodrama because of the inner conflict of the characters. The point of view is from Dexter and from an outside source that follows other characters. There are times when the audience knows more than Dexter does and when you know more than the other characters. Audiences expect a lot of blood and intense tension within this show. The online environment such as Metacritic.com has given consistently high ratings and has asked to continue the show.

Audiences are reacting differently to this show then I have seen with others. While the following for this show is very strong the content of the show has had dangerous events following it.  There have been murders and killings that revolve around the show Dexter, and the police have been saying that there has been idolization of Dexter. This show might be portraying a different subtext; it is making serial killers more human, emotion and almost acceptable.

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  1. tessdoez
    January 17, 2011 at 2:02 am

    Nice work with your discussion of subtext and the use of music. There are some grammatical errors that need revision (see the first sentence and others), and you might look up the definition of personification. Additionally, you tend to use the wrong form of “then” (you mean than). Please fix technical errors and resubmit for credit.

  2. tessdoez
    January 31, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    I will give you credit for this edited post since it is an improvement over the last and is mostly error free.
    Note, though, that the use if the word “emotion” in the last sentence is gramatically incorrect, you still use “then” when you mean “than” in the first sentence of the last paragraph, and you say “sting instruments” in the second paragraph when you clearly meant to write “string.” Please triple check your spelling and grammar in future posts.

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