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I am not a big watcher of television shows, but when my friends showed me the television series, Eastbound and Down, i couldn’t resist to not follow. The show is about a washed up baseball player who traded his career for living the night life. Kenny Powers, the main character, is a vulgar man who lives life to the fullest. Ramifications do not cross Kenny’s mind, or at least not as much as woman. Kenny developed a series drug problem when playing major league baseball, and it continued when he was considered to be a wash up. A common subtext that is illustrated is how the world of drugs can take over ones life and lead them down the wrong path. I think part of the shows that this is not the lifestyle that one should live. Kenny spends his time as a free agent, teaching P.E at an elementary school. You see the wacky teaching styles, as well as the remorseful side of Kenny Powers. He teaches more life lessons than he actually teaches P.E, which i think creates more of a positive subtext as well. Giving the show a nice balance of crude humor along with insightful comments. The print media on this show is very limited, because it is only a few years old. There are some online media present, but they are quick facts about the program. When talking about age, think that this show reaches out to young adults demographic, because of the boldness of the show. Older generations would not agree with Kenny’s approach to life as well as the unexpected twists the show has. I also believe that the music used in the show also does not appeal to older generations. Consisting of mainly rap and hip hip, older generations might be turned the use of music. So what does the audience who watches this show want to expect? They want to see Kenny Powers screw up, and somehow pull it all together in the end. The way he goes through everyday life and the steps he takes, is all apart of the humor. Seeing this makes people feel better about themselves in a way because of the stupid mistakes Kenny makes at times. But having that other balance of positives keeps the show on its toes and always up for something new.

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  1. January 13, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Hi, I haven’t heard of this program but it sounds a lot like the comedy/melodrama Californication that follows a washed-up writer down a similar path that veers between relationship disasters, bad decision-making, and the paying of consequences. It sounds like the lead in Eastbound and Down is similarly unsympathetic: we laugh with him as well as at him and we’re invited to distance ourselves from him at some points while identifying with him at others. I think your discussion of the subtext is fine, but in order to receive credit on this assignment, please correct grammatical mistakes (e.g., there are incomplete sentences, misspellings, etc.). Drop me a note when you’ve uploaded the changes so that I can then give you credit for this post.

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