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Media Grammar in Gossip Girl

The subtext of Gossip Girl is that everything will work out in the end despite all the dense decisions made.  In the show, the characters have consistently made outrageous mistakes but never had to fully face the consequences that come with their decisions.  When they do face the consequences, it is hardly severe and everything is fine afterwards.  Another subtext in the show is that it is okay to make the same mistakes over and over again.  Since these characters never learn from their mistakes, they often lie and act in a childish manner.  As a result, the show is unknowingly conveying that it is acceptable to behave this way.

Gossip Girl originally began as a novel series, which represents the print media.  Additionally, advertisements for this show have been show on billboards, bus stops, and magazines.

The music on Gossip Girl does not have one genre of music playing.  They have music ranging from hip-hop, alternative, and pop.  While the show features many current popular songs, they also play songs from musicians who aren’t as well known.  Often times the lyrics in the song are taken out, leaving the songs in an instrumental format for the scenes.  Aside from music, Gossip Girl also includes a voice-over from an unknown person named Gossip Girl.  This girl comments on monumental events in the series as well as providing the introduction and conclusion commentary.

The genre of this show is teen drama.  The episodes are in third person point of view with an occasional voice-over narration from an unknown gossiper.  The expectation of the audience is to experience dramatic situations with dramatic solutions.  Also the audience continues to watch in hope that certain characters will end up in a relationship together.

Gossip Girl is able to borrow from the online environment because CW provides full episodes for fans to watch online.  The website also includes character/actor biographies, fashion advice from the show’s stylists, feature music downloads, and episode guides.  Aside from real life online use, the show features their own Gossip Girl blog where the unknown gossiper is able to update blog with the latest scandals.

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  1. tessdoez
    January 14, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    Great analysis overall. As far as subtext, the idea that the show is validating irresponsible behavior is a good one. Perhaps you could take it one step farther with critical thinking and say that the subtext is that not just anyone, but people of a certain class and material status are able to act in irresposible ways without dire consequences.

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