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8 am- woke up and got online to check the weather

9am- went to class

10-4- i was sick all that day so i stayed in bed texted friends and watched movies on netflix

texted throughout the night and slept


10- I got online to ebay and ordered a type writer after purchasing the type writer i used the internet to find out how to replace the ribbon and see how it works

11-went to boulder to work with the horses and listened to my ipod on the way there

2- texted and called friends to make plans

3- I hung out with many friends but was texting others to make plans through the night and to see how everyone was doing

4-10 and after while hanging out with friends my texting creases until i got home


I woke up to a ton a snow and preceded to watch more movies on the internet

I did this throughout the day and texted friends

I spent most of the day online

9pm- started homework. I used the computer to get some work done but while doing homework i had a tab that was always open to facebook and was chatting with friends while doing my work. I also had my phone by my side and was texting people while doing homework and chatting.


woke up to a non snow day 😦 I used weather.com to check the temperature

9-4 went to class where i did text a bit in class but rarely and did not use my computer

6-9 I had dance class where i did not text but used my ipod to play music and dance to with the class.

10-12 got on facebook when i got back to the dorms and then used the computer to post my blog, i did have a facebook tab open and my phone at my side.


Reflection: I feel that I have a fairly good balance between technology and interacting face-to-face with people. I try to stop texting when I am with people unless I am making plans for later that night. I used my computer more for entertainment value instead of for work and school. This weekend was unusual because I got sick and because of the snow, i spent more time watching movies than interacting with my friends. I was surprised at how much I use technology, I write all my poetry and free writes on the computer (which will change when i receive my type writer) I also use it to talk more with friends then I would if I was with them. Through this medium I have kept in touch with friends from all over the country at one time while conversing with someone in my room. At times I do feel a sense of detachment from reality because of how tied I am to my phone and to Facebook.

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