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Media Diary


9am: checked email

10-11am: texted a few friends

12pm: went on itunes, facebook

3pm: watched T.V.


11am: checked email and facebook

1pm: watched T.V. and texted friends

4pm: called parents

11pm: texted


12pm: email and itunes

6pm: watched T.V.

12am: Hulu


8am: checked email

11am: texted

7pm: facebook and itunes

I pretty much had a even mix of personal interactions and entertainent. I use the media to listen to music and watch T.V. or facebook when I’m bored. But, other than that and emails, which I check for school, most of my interactions come from hanging out with friends and having real conversations. Rarely do I spend long periods on facebook chatting. Its usually just quick glances to see what some of my friends are up to. I prefer being around people and not spending all day on my computer.

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