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Media Diary


Woke up at 8 and drove to Breck to ski with friends until 4. During that time I texted a few of my friends letting them know where I was for the day and also connected with my friends who were in the mountains with me when we became separated from one another.


9-5: Texted with friends and spoke on the phone with my parents and siblings. Did research for a class on the internet looking up google images for roughly two hours.

6-12: Called and texted friends to coordinate plans for the evening


10-2: Spoke on the phone to some friends while also texting others

2-6: Worked on study abroad application which required doing online research regarding different countries and programs.

7-9: Watched Inception with my friends


10-5: Sporadically texted friends throughout the day. Phone call to my grandparents.

Overall Reflection:

Mostly personal related along with work related. Entertainment has not been as prominent in my life after coming to college because I find I do not have the time between managing friends and school work. I have found that I am the type of person that always tries to secure relationships and make sure that my friends and family feel that they come first. In doing so, while being away from home, I have spent an increasingly significant amount of time on personal interactions either through texting, calling, or skyping.

The last week of break I spent with my family in Mexico, and it was one of the first times in a while that I did not have access to my cell phone or to the internet. This experience made me realize just how much I rely on my cell phone and the internet to get by. Once we landed back in the United States and I once again had access to these technologies, I had several phone calls, texts and emails that I had to reply to, reaffirming my use of these devices.

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