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Media Diary


8am: Checked weather and snow report on laptop.  Called friend to go skiing

8-10am: Drove to mtns, listened to iPod in the car via internal USB cable

10:30am – 3pm: Skied with my friends, sent a few texts and calls to find friends on the mtns

3 – 5pm: Drove home listening to iPod

5pm – 6pm: Checked email, Facebooked, took a nap

6pm to 2am: Hung out with friends, drinking and listening to music with speakers plugged into laptop


11am: texted friends and surfed internet, facebooked

11:30am – 4pm: Cleaned house and took nap while listening to music on laptop

4pm – 7pm: Talked to friends via texts and calls to make plans for the night

7pm – 2am: Went out drinking with my friends to DU area bars


12pm: Woke up to a call from a friend, drove downtown for brunch

12pm – 3pm: Brunch with friends

3pm – 6pm: Hung out with friends, played Snappa

7pm: Received a call from a friend to see Black Swan

8pm – 10pm: Watched Black Swan

10 – 12am: Listened to music and hung out with friends

Overall reflection: Personal communication and entertainment are the dominant reasons for the technology in my life.  My day to day shifts gears on the weekends as compared to the week.  More of my internet/laptop use will pertain to school tasks whereas my cellphone and iPod are a constant source of entertainment and personal contact with friends.  Regardless of where I am or what I’m doing I am ALWAYS accessible via call, text, or email to my cell phone.  It’s rarely off and it never misses a charge. It’s my lifeline at all times.  My laptop is far and away the most important single item in my life.  One Macbook Pro runs my entire business – creative through accounting through shipping – and its hard drives hold all my music, media, data, homework, files, photos and information.  It’s backed up remotely in 3 different locations to ensure no loss of data, because I Couldn’t live without it.

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  1. Lynn
    January 10, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    Great reflections, Tommy. It’s interesting to me that you named your laptop rather than your phone as the thing you couldn’t live without. Is that because the laptop is the “backup” to everything that you have on the mobile? Or is it because you think of the laptop as the center for your production/creativity/work contribution vs. the mobile as the center for leisure/friendship/fun, which is your “lifeline” but is also more of an interchangeable device than the thing that holds all of your data?

    • January 10, 2011 at 11:04 pm

      My laptop is far more capable in terms of production and creativity, but its my most important thing because it’s much harder to replace. If I lost or broke my cell phone I could get a new one at verizon or on craigslist for like $50 and pull my contacts from my laptop or the internet… but if my laptop went down, I’d be out thousands of dollars and would have no way to use all my data. Plus with email, facebook, and skype i can get ahold of people from my computer. I can’t edit graphics in photoshop on my cell phone ya know

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