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Media Diary (post #2)

Friday 1/7/11

8 am ~ Chemistry class, read textbook while taking notes on computer

12 pm – 2 pm ~ Statistics lab, worked on Microsoft Excel for entire two hours of class, texted friend after class for plans that night.

2-5 pm ~ worked on homework for all classes, had laptop open and was listening to music. I had facebook open while working on homework.

5-12 pm ~ Went downtown with friends to dinner and movie, was texting friend and sister (SO)

Saturday 1/8/11

11 am ~ called friend to go to brunch, picked up newspaper on way to read while eating

1 pm-4 pm ~ worked on homework, taking notes from Chemistry textbook, then went to do online Chemistry practice when I found breaking news of a shooting in Arizona, so I turned on my T.V. and watched Fox News

4:30-11 pm ~ went to dinner and then stock show with friends

11-12 pm ~ read book from iPad

Sunday 1/9/11

9 – 11 am ~ Went to Church and breakfast with friends, looked on fox news and ESPN app on my phone at breakfast.

11-2 ~ worked on homework with friends while on facebook and texting friends and family

2-4 ~ worked out at gym while watching news on the T.V.

5-9 ~ went downtown with hall for a dinner outing, texted friends that were arriving back at their schools from break

9-12 ~ worked on homework and was on facebook

Monday 1/10/11

8 am ~ Chemistry class, took notes from lecture and textbook

9 am ~ went to the UTS desk to help install program on computer

10 -12 ~ Writing class, used computers to write in class papers

Overall reflection: Most of my time and communication is doing homework or talking with friends via Facebook or texting. I don’t watch as much T.V. as I use to while living at home, it use to be on in the background a lot more however because I am not in my dorm all the time, it is more likely off than on. I do like to keep up with what is going on in the world, which is why I get on the Internet to sites such as Fox News or 9news.com. I am on my laptop everyday for most of the day during the week while attending classes. I would live a very different life style if I didn’t have my laptop or cell phone.


  1. January 11, 2011 at 12:12 am

    Good insights, Steph. Your work – from homework to Facebook to music – sounds a lot like how people in your generation seem to prefer multitasking to doing one thing at a time.
    How did you find out about the shooting: did you check an online source, or see a headline show up on a homepage, or something else? Something to discuss in class tomorrow.

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