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9-12 Watched TV shows on my computer, texted friend, talked to my mom on the phone

12-3 Texted friend, played Nintendo

3-5 listened to radio

5-10 Talked to sister on phone, texted a friend

10-12 Checked emails on phone



8-12 Texted friend, checked email on phone

12-4 Listed to radio

4-8 Looked at the weather, Facebook, and email on my computer

8-12 texted friend, watched TV



9-12 Looked at weather and Facebook on the Internet

12-3 checked email on my computer

3-8 Watched TV on my computer, checked email on my phone

10-11 Watched television

After looking at my media journal, I noticed that I used sources of media less during this weekend than I usually do during the week.  I think that my media journal would look much different during the week when I am doing more class work that involves the computer.  This weekend in particular I didn’t have much computer work to do for classes so I think that this may not be a very accurate account of how I always interact with media.  From looking at my journal for this particular weekend it shows that I use media the most for personal communication with family and friends through texts, phone calls, and emails.  The secondary use for media was entertainment through watching television.


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  1. January 11, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Good insights, Chelsea. I agree that this point in the quarter is different from usage later on, and the weekend probably looks quite different from the weekday. I wonder which communications you feel are more key to how you live out your life every day? And which communications are “time-fillers” (e.g., what you do when you’re in between activities) vs. “appointments” (the activities you’ve planned to do)?

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