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11:00-Woke up, checked facebook

11:30-1-Watched tv shows online

1-2- texted friend to eat lunch with me and met up with them

2-2:30- come home check facebook, 5 new notifications

2:30-3-watch another tv show on hulu

3-5-Long nap, also confirming my plans for my friend’s surprise birthday via text

5-6-woke up and texted friend to go eat dinner at nelson

6:00-texted friend to Play squash in the gym

7-made sure that plans were set for the surprise party via text

7:30-bed- texting people until 9 when my phone died.   It was sad and I felt lost



12:40-woke up feeling shitty.  Plugged my phone in. Got many texts from the night before as well as some from this morning from a friend so we could eat together.

12:45: went on facebook, 3 new notifications on my status

2:00-checked facebook again and watched some more shows online, nip/tuck, curb your enthusiasm

3:00- facebook, FB chatted a lot hearing about peoples’ friday nights. Figured out plans to go to Christys sports

5:00 Phone is acting up…it has been really messed up lately, so I swich my sim card into another phone.

6:00-sit on stumbleupon.com for a while, while also sitting on fb chat and also listening to grooveshark.com.

8:00-Figuring out Saturday night’s plans via text.  Go to friends apt in Nelson.

10:00- leaving the ‘pregame’ to go to a house party, realize that my phone is stuck in friend’s room.  Too far along to go back.  I get annoyed because I feel unsafe without a phone.

10-bedtime at 3- I use friend’s phones to text some people about whats going on that night or ask some friends to text a certain someone to ask what they are doing.  It was very annoying not knowing myself and having to go through other people.  Friends also received texts asking if they were with me.



12-woke up.  Still no phone.  The room i left phone in is locked and the people went to Keystone. Go on facebook.

12-1 facebook chat with people. see how their night went, talked to friend about getting food at nelson.

2-ate and decided to go to the mall with my friend.

4-borrowed her phone so I could call my parents

5-went to Christys sports again and needed to use their phone to talk to my parents about finally getting me my christmas present.

Whole day-feeling pretty lost without a cell phone, but I was with my best friend all day so it wasnt bad

6:45-ask friend to text friend about when theya re comign back from keystone so I can get my phone.

7-finally recieve phone, 14 text messages and 8 missed calls from the night before.

8:00-Watch desperate housewives.

9:00-come home and talk to the man friend on the phone

11:00-check facebook, fb chat a little, and go to bed.


In this exercise, there was no possible way for me to record each text and fb conversation because it is just too much.  It comes so naturally to me to text and go on facebook anytime I come back to my computer that it is hard to put it into my mind that I am supposed to record this. However, this general outline still represents just how much time my life is devoted to the many forms of media out there.  When my phone had died and I left it in someone’s room for a whole night, I felt lost and actually told friends to keep track of me and stay with me because I was scared to not be able to get in touch with anyone.  I also figured that the friends who kept track of me and stayed by my side the whole night would have everyone’s numbers that I would need.   I also felt there was a safety issue without my phone.  Denver can be a scary place and I have heard many stories that are frightening to me.  I wouldn’t know what to do if i was in trouble and didn’t have a phone.

Most of the media in my life is dedicated to personal interactions.  This new technological age is fostering these personal interactions through  texting and FB chat.  However, it is also discouraging personal interactions in some areas.  For example, in some fast food restaurants now they have you order from a touch screen.  Same thing with the airport, where you do not need to have any personal interactions at all because you can get your boarding pass through a machine or online.

The instances where I used the media as entertainment was for the show desperate housewives on the television and then some shows I watched online.  I also use stumbleupon.com because that site is very interesting!  I don’t have too much going on in my life in college.  I have way more free time which is why I am always going on FB chat to talk to friends and wasting time on stumbleupon.com (although I have learned a TON from this site).  In high school, I went to a boarding school where they had us doing something every moment of the day.  I probably only got to check my facebook twice a day in high school because teachers don’t like computers in class (because they know what kids will use them for) and I wasn’t in my room much.  We were required to play sports everyday, were given much more homework, had longer class days, was really pushed  to become apart of different clubs and associations, and we even had sit down dinner together as a school and required chapel.   it was a LOT and the amount of hours I spend on media each day has tripled.

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  1. Lynn
    January 10, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Very interesting reflections, Whitney. What a bummer to lose your phone – but what a good opportunity for this assignment! I hope you’ll be willing to share some of your reflections on being phoneless with your peers in class.
    I was also interested in your reflections on the fact that your high school was more demanding than your college days, and that you felt like you engaged with media more now as a result. You don’t comment on whether or not this increase in media use is a good thing (I imagine you have mixed feelings – e.g., less stress now, but maybe more concern about the future and hence it’s good to be more informed about the world?).
    Can you give us a tour of stumbleupon at some point? I haven’t used it but it sounds interesting.

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