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Blog 2- Media Diary


10-12: Clean room, Facebook

12-1: Lunch with friends

1-5: Hangout with friends, read City of Glass, Facebook, Stumbleupon

5 PM-10 PM: Visit downtown with friends, shop at Forever 21 and Barnes and Noble, see The Tourist

10 PM-12 PM- Return to dorm, watch She’s the Man with friends


10-12: Read City of Glass

12-1: Lunch with friends

1-5: Texting, talking to people from hall, Facebook, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Youtube

5-6: Watched Doctor Who episode

6-7: Dinner with friend

7-1: Hangout with friends, watch Fight Club, watch Youtube videos


8-2: Visit Museum of Nature and Science with friends, texting friends during

2-4: Unsuccessfully attempt to do homework, texting people, talking to people in hall, listening to iTunes, Facebook, Postsecret, Tumblr, Youtube

4-6 Watch Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends with friends, doing homework during

6-7: Dinner with hallmates

7-8: Homework

8-1: Hangout with hall, play Halo, do homework while watching, read City of Glass


8-10: Gym with friend

10-12 Homework

12-1: French class

1-2: Lunch with friend

2-4: Homework, hanging out

4-6: Criminology class

6-7: Dinner at Delta Zeta

7-8: Meeting at Delta Zeta

8-9: Homework

9-11: Hanging out


                What I’ve noticed is that my personal communications come first, with entertainment in second.  Most of the entertainment that occurs though, is done in a large group of people, so I am personally communicating with people at the same time.  My uses of communication are mostly typical for an active college student: always socializing, always doing something, always procrastinating on homework through use of the Internet.  Many different and time-consuming websites are easily reachable, through both my computer and my cell phone. I’m constantly in touch with one of the two.  My day to day activities are generally the same- hanging out, homework, occasionally going out, going to the gym on weekdays.  The times vary significantly though, mostly because of different times that friends can meet up.

  1. Lynn
    January 10, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Interesting reflections, Kaitlynne. It reminds me of a study I’ll bring up tomorrow about how today, we have about the same amount of free time as people did in the past – it’s just in shorter “bursts.” E.g., we have less concentrated leisure time, more back-and-forth between commitments/expectations, so instead of 3 hrs of free time, we have 5 minutes, then an activity, then 7 minutes, activity, 2 1/2 minutes of free time, etc.. Often, that scheduling due to work settings, but it also seems to be something you do somewhat voluntarily. Or maybe that’s the nature of how young people are expected to interact and be available to friends? I will look forward to hearing your views on this.

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