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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

A film I saw over break that I enjoyed was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I.  I saw this movie in the theater and I did not see many trailers for it during commercials.  But I watched it because I have been a fan for a while.  In the movie, there are no examples of technological, economic, or cultural convergence examples; however, the movie itself serves as an example in the three areas.  For technological convergence, this movie is a strong example and is also a popular one.  Originally Harry Potter began as a novel series but a few years later, they were made into films.  The convergence here is the novel (print) being adapted into a movie (digital media).  Since this series began as novels, it already had a fan base.  When the films were created, it became appealing to a wider range of people.  As a result, it became a cultural phenomenon that lead the series to become a pop icon.

Harry Potter was created in Britain but it is now known world wide, indicating the cultural convergence.  The films and novels have been translated in multiple languages to conform to other countries.  Additionally, the three main actors/actress have become pop icons from the films.  Just by looking at a picture of them, together or alone, they are instantly recognized and are typically associated with Harry Potter.

The company who produces the movies is Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., this group represents the economic convergence because they have many subsidiary companies.  Some of these subsidiary companies include Time Warner, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, New Line Cinema, TheWB.com, and DC Comics.  They also own half of The CW Television Network. Given that Warner Bros. Entertainment has many subsidiary companies they are able to utilize them to promote up and coming movies, which in this case is Harry Potter.  Through Interactive Media, Warner Bros. Entertainment was able to create Lego Harry Potter:  Years 1-4.  With the past couple of Harry Potter movies, The CW Television Network offered their viewers an exclusive clip from the movie.


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