Tron: Legacy

Over the winter break, I had the chance to see the movie TRON: Legacy. It was a great movie following from the storyline that was left off in the original film. It was visually astonishing and the music that was incorporated into the film was done in a fantastic manner. What’s also very interesting about this film is that the score for the movie was not created by any contemporary composers, but a duo of famous artists known for their special electronic sounds: Daft Punk. They fuse their own special style of music with an orchestra to create a special feeling not only for the film, but for the audience as well.

This film is an interesting example of economic convergence because it didn’t just deal with the mixing of companies to form the production of the movie, but the music for the movie itself. Disney asked Daft Punk to join in as the film was being produced because of how they wanted to make this experience unique for movie viewers. After they joined and marketing for the movie was deployed, sales boosted for Daft Punk and the movie generated lots of attention due to the music stars coming on the scene.

The film was an example of technological convergence because of how well it was being advertised. To begin, secret websites began to pop up, and they unlocked to get the users to “follow the clues” which led them to more information about the upcoming feature film. Then it started to spread like wildfire over the internet, and as time passed many people became aware of a sequel that has been awaited for for many years. I saw advertisements that showed up on television, website ads, and even other countries.

This film also represents an example of cultural convergence as well.  The movie was being advertised in almost every country around the world and the first week internationally it grossed around $23 million. Despite the fact that the movie was produced in the United States, many people around the world recognize the famous movie title and previous characters, which formed interest in the upcoming film. There is also planning from Disney of an upcoming theme park attraction that is planned on being built surrounding the film and events that occur in the movie.

  1. tessdoez
    January 7, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    (Hi, this is Lynn. I asked Tess, a grad student in media, to help me by offering you some comments).
    You provide good examples of each kind of convergence, but I would like to see you take your analysis one step further in a couple of cases. For economic convergence it is not quite enough to mention that collaboration occurs between different companies and artists. Noting the participation of Daft Punk in the production is excellent, but to give an example of economic convergence you would have to point out that Disney released the soundtrack on the label Walt Disney Records, thus they were able to profit not only from the movie’s release but also from releasing a Daft Punk album on their label. Additionally, the theme park that you bring up at the end of your paragraph on cultural convergence may have more bearing on economic convergence. Not only will Disney benefit from the movie and the soundtrack, but it will also reap profits from a theme park that will draw on the popularity of the movie and Daft Punk.
    In your discussion of cultural convergence, the figure of International box office sales is interesting but it would be more meaningful if you were able to contextualize it with comparisons between BO sales in the US and various other countries as well as analysis of why you think it has such far reaching international appeal.

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