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Get Him to the Greek

The film Get Him to the Greek was a successful comedy in both the American and International markets, grossing over $90 million.  It details the haphazard journey of an washed up rock star (Russell Brand) and a record company intern (Jonah Hill) as they go to LA from London for a big concert at the Greek Theatre.  The plot and the film itself are both prime examples of technological and cultural convergence.

The film contained a multitude of cameos, including musicians, actors, and other celebrities.  This convergence of music, film, and television personalities is coupled with advertisements for the film in every medium, from web banners to billboards to television commercials.  Additionally, the film shows the speed of modern international business, and thus the high level of technological convergence in today’s society.

Get Him to the Greek is a great example of cultural convergence.  The cast features actors from America, England, Ireland, and Australia.  Additionally, the plot centers on rock music, which is one of the most converged upon forms of music in the world.  Part of the film’s international appeal stems from the convergence of music globally, as popular music becomes more of a global chart and isn’t limited to just single countries.  The film grossed $60 million in America, and $30 million internationally.  While not huge numbers, it still had considerable success worldwide, and not just in one market.  This is partially owing to the economic convergence and consolidation of film corporations, as they look to foreign markets for additional revenue with minimal additional costs.

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  1. tessdoez
    January 8, 2011 at 12:08 am

    (Hi, this is Lynn. I asked Tess, a grad student in media, to help me by offering you some comments).
    Excellent job explaining the cultural convergence of the film overall as well as your use of specific data to back up your claims. The idea of cultural convergence as a result of the international appeal of rock music and the global nature of music charts is a good one.
    You are on the right track with your analysis of technological convergence, but it could be developed a little bit more. Your points are all good ones, but further explanation of how these aspects of the film play out and relate to technological convergence would be helpful. How does the film show the speed of international business and in what way is technological convergence specifically exemplified by this depiction?
    How does economic convergence come into play? Perhaps you could look at the different outlets in which the movie got most of its publicity, or which ones featured the stars in interviews or bios close to the release date. If the news organization or tabloid is owned by the same conglomerate as the producer of the film, this would be a form of economic convergence. In what ways other than box office sales is the parent corporation benefitting from or supporting the production and distribution of the film?

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