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One movie I saw over break was the Disney animated movie Tangled.  Thinking back on the movie I noticed several instances of technological and cultural convergance.  Technological convergance is the tendancy of different technological systems to evolve towards performing the same task.  Several of my different technological systems exposed me to this movie that I hadn’t heard of otherwise.  Before I even saw the movie, it was presented to me on several different technological medians mostly in the form of advertising.  I saw advertisements when I was watching tv and I also saw advertisements featured on my youtube homepage.  There was also an article on aol.com which is my internet homepage.  Even outside the internet and television I was still being exposed to this movie through other means of technology.  I read an article about the movie on my iphone on a newspaper application.  All of these different forms of technology were created with different purposes, but in this instance, they all performed the same task which was to expose me to a movie that I had never heard of before.  Tangled also had examples of cultural convergance.  Cultural convergance is the tendency of different cultures to change and become more similar to each other.  The movie tangled is a modern take on the classic German fairy tale from the 1800’s.  In the orignal fairy tale, the prince climbs up to Repunzal’s tower and immediately askes for her hand in marriage and she agrees.  Repunzal then accidently tells the witch of the prince and she is banished without her hair to eventually be found by her prince.  It is a serious tale on the importance of love and sacrifice.  The movie however, combines many of the common aspects of todays entertainment with the story and themes of the classic fairy tale.  The movie takes a much more humurous approach to the story, the prince for instance, doesn’t immediately propose to Repunzal and instead tries to flirt with her.  The movie is shown in CGI animation as apposed to the classic hand drawn animation.  The combination of the old and new styles of storytelling makes Tangled a perfect example of cultural convergance.

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