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Blog 1 The Next Three Days

One film that really stood out to me over break was The Next Three Days this action packed thriller had you on the edge of your seat in waiting in suspense. The Next Three Days was a very compelling film that had a star-studded cast. The film was directed by, Paul Haggis and it stared Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks who did a fabulous job in this remake. The original film was a French film that was produced in 2007 called“ Anything for Her”. The basic plot for the film is the character Lara Brennan “Banks” is accused of murdering her boss after an altercation at work. She is later found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. After multiple visits to prison character John Brennan “Crowe” her husband has had with her imprisonment becomes obsessed with the idea of breaking her out of jail.

The Next Three Days is an example of economic convergence because of the cost of its production and also the economic growth it has made after the opening weekend. The films production budget was $30 million, and the movie has since grossed over $20 million dollars domestically and over $35 million dollars worldwide. Its opening weekend earnings domestically was over $6 million dollars and ranked #5 in 2,564 theaters, and made around an estimated $2,552 per theater total gross was about 31%. This film has not yet been eligible for any awards but let me assure you when it is it will surely win some big time awards.

The Next Three Days is also an example of technological convergence because it will soon be available on multiple viewing options besides the big screen.  Since it is such a new movie when it is eligible it will be available on DVD, on direct TV, Comcast, video game consoles, blue ray, IPods, ITunes, and much more. Also its sound track will be most likely available to purchase in ITunes or as a CD in any music store. I also think it is an example of technological convergence because of the way it was filmed for example special effect’s that the film used and how it was produced for example camera’s used and more.

Lastly I feel that The Next Three Days is an example of cultural convergence because as I said before it was released not only domestically but also all over the world. It was also filmed here in the United States and in its closing scene was shot in South America so they had to use and adapt to the different culture. To be honest I don’t think this film did a great job of having cultural convergence.


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