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One of my favorite movies to watch in my free time is the dramatic suspense thriller, Miracle. The story of the underdog 1980 USA hockey team beating the Soviet Union had to be the biggest sports victory in the twentieth century. Within the two-hour movie, the producers and Writers crammed two years of events prior to the Olympic events and the game of the century as well, capturing all the key moments. Tensions fluxcuxuates as the story chronologically unfolds, making the audience engaged in every second of the film. This is a prime example of Technological convergence because the viewers saw a two and a half year process, condensed into a two-hour movie. Technology allowed the producers to cram every last detail they thought was vital, and without it, the movie would not be nearly as successful. Being a hockey player in high school, I know first hand that the sport can get ugly fast. Cuss worlds, along with vulgar slang, is something hockey players have to commonly practice during a game. When Walt Disney bought the rights to the movie, they had the intention that they wanted this movie to be seen by all audiences. Due to economic convergence, Walt Disney had to cut out the aspects of the game that were precarious so that everyone could see history being made, without any complaints. Over the last few decades, hockey seemed to reach a low for the first time in a while. Ticket sales declined as well as memorabilia sales, causing the national hockey league to plummet into a recession, suspending the 2004-2005 season. Hockey has always been considered one of the four major sports in America, but was waning in that respect. When Miracle hit the box office in the winter of 2004-2005, the movie was considered a must see. Not only did the hockey fans enjoy the movie, but also just regular people who had only seen or had never seen hockey were very surprised. This just shows how cultural convergence is illustrated because not only did people want to see a hockey game, but also they wanted to see something about their country. in watching this movie, more attention was turned to the NHL. the league started to make more money, and they had more viewers than ever. Miracle, once again, jump-started the sport of hockey again and there was more excitement behind the sport. Overall, that’s why I feel cultural convergence played a huge role in the ticket sales of the movie, and why it is considered one the of the best sports movies.

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