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A Charlie Brown Christmas

Winter vacation, the snow was falling and the air was frigid on this winter day in Virginia, I sat with my grandma watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. I remember growing up watching this film with my Grandma. We always sat in the same couch with a big bowl of popcorn.  It was one of my most favorite memories from my childhood with my Grandma.  I was now reliving my memory fifteen years later, yet it had the same special feeling. It was Christmas season and I was ready for A Charlie Brown Christmas. Throughout the short film, Charlie Brown tries to discover the true meaning of Christmas.


An example of economic convergence has been used to create this film. The Coca-Cola Company, Dolly Madison, and Nabisco all sponsored the movie that was created by Warner Bros. Warner Bros decided to air the annual short film on CBS (1965-2000) and then move it to ABC and play twice a year (2001-present). A Charlie Brown’s Christmas is one of CBS’s most successful films. The short film would not have been possible without Coca-Cola’s support.


This film is also an example of technological convergence when it was made into a DVD in September 12, 2000 while it had previously been sold as VHS’s. The writer Charles M Schulz wrote comic strips titled Peanuts, which was used to create the film. Because this is an older film, the technology wasn’t the greatest and therefore many of the animations are choppy and there is poorly mixed sound. Despite the lack of technologically savvy equipment, or the convergence of many medias, the short film is still a Christmas classic.


The final type of convergence is cultural convergence. Charles Schulz was consulted by many people, including his director Bill Melendez to cut the Bible verse Linus uses to quote the real meaning of Christmas (Luke 2: 8-14) However Schulz was quick to reply, “If we don’t, who will”. Many of the movies made today do not explain or demonstrate the real meaning of Christmas unlike this one. Our culture has changed and formed away from this type of education. Many movies shy away from religious messages because the controversial comments they will receive in this culture.


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