Tron Legacy was about how an innovative software engineer and the CEO of ENCOM International mysteriously disappears. Twenty years later his son Sam decides to explore his father’s arcade and discovers a concealed computer laboratory.  While messing around with the machine, Sam unintentionally transports himself to The Grid and the magic begins.  Tron Legacy was an extremely entertaining movie that kept the audience captivated at all times.  The 3D technology used in the film is simply incredible, which leads me to technological convergence

Tron Legacy can be seen as an example of technological convergence because everywhere one looked, the movie was being advertised for.  Not only did i see countless previews in movie theaters (before big films such as Inception and Harry Potter), but also on my telephone and internet websites.  I can specifically remember getting annoyed with all the Tron adds that popped up on the website “grooveshark” while I was trying to get my jam on.  Going in a little bit of a different direction related to technology, the 3D imagery and soundtrack were simply mind blowing.  The imagery was state of the art and the music was set to play along with what was going on in the movie.  Talk about technologically advanced!

Tron Legacy is an example of economic convergence as well.  The original Tron movie (1982) was written and directed by Steven Lisberger, whereas the new movie is directed by Joseph Kosinski.  Also, the music in the original movie is done by a different musical artist(Wendy Carlos) than the new Tron (Daft Punk).  At the same time, Disney gave rights to certain retail stores and companies to sell Tron Legacy related products.  Not all Tron Legacy merchandise is owned by Disney.  Companies such as Sony and Microsoft are also in the works of trying to gain rights to produce Tron videogames for PS3 and X-Box.

Tron Legacy is an example of cultural convergence because the movie was an even bigger hit in Australia and Europe than in our hometown of the United States.  Previews for the movie were shown regularly in these countries before the United States and the movie got better reviews in these areas.  The popularity of the movie across a wide variety of cultures demonstrates that there is some aspect of the film that other audiences (besides Americans) identify with and aspire to understand.  Tron can be viewed by almost any age group and i believe this contributed to its high rate of cultural convergence.

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  1. Lynn
    January 6, 2011 at 4:16 am

    The extensive and cross-platform advertising for the film are good examples of how technological convergence works these days to support films. Sounds like you also enjoyed the way in which technological convergence makes ever-more sophisticated film productions possible, which is an interesting additional insight into the role of technological convergence in the direction of feature films.
    Good detail on the economic convergence. Sounds like it’s been a way for Disney to make a partnership with other important players in the media landscape (XBox, PS3 – by the way, who owns those companies?) I wasn’t clear on how the different directors & writers were examples of economic convergence. Have they produced other Disney films?
    Can you provide some evidence to support your claim that the movie was a bigger hit in Australia & Europe than in the US? And what about in other non-western markets – does it appeal elsewhere (and if not, perhaps you can give a guess as to why it may not have been released or promoted so heavily elsewhere: e.g. what about the film is particularly going to appeal to a western audience but not elsewhere?)

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